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Martina, Eléonore-Sophie, Elhana and Natalia


How will our co-habitations look like in the future

 Martina, Eléonore-Sophie, Elhana and Natalia

Co-Habitations is a community-based art project awarded by Climanow and Arts for Future of the City of Zurich, focusing on the question of how we want to live now and in the future amidst the challenges of climate change.

Our idea was to build a place within the city of Zurich for communities, neighbours, and schoolkids to exchange, cook and enjoy. The landscape of encounters as a community garden for human and non-human species is situated at Wilder Platz, close to Zurich Main Station.

The project involves the construction of a communal garden designed collectively by schoolchildren, neighbors, artists, and architects using recycled materials. This garden serves as a laboratory for urban coexistence, providing a space for community engagement and promoting sustainable practices.

The project also includes TASKFORCE 2123, a youth group representing diverse backgrounds, which aims to develop a shared vision for future living through events, outreach programs, and a short film. This initiative is an extension of the collaboration with MNA Center Lilienberg that has been initiated through a conversation with Monique and Max. This fruitful collaboration is growing, and the relationship has been deepened over the last two years.

It was very touching to see the joy the children found while designing the place and creating homes for insects, lizards, or building the living cob table that is of use for humans and non human species. Two of my daughters’ friends asked me about the meaning of TOY. They were very touched by Moniques meaningful project and wanted to be part of it.

We are inviting you to join us during third chapter of programming from August 31st to September 2nd for the discussions, family workshops and performances.

Lots of love and TOY
Martina, Eléonore-Sophie, Elhana and Natalia

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