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Alexandra, Melanie, Alison, Abhishek & Filipe


TOY Santa and his Elves visit the Puzzle Centre

Alexandra, Melanie, Alison, Abhishek & Filipe

Alexandra, Melanie, Alison, Abhishek and Filipe had the huge privilege of visiting the Puzzle Centre. The Puzzle Centre is an institution that provides early education and support for children suffering from autism and communication differences. We had the chance to spend the afternoon with these wonderful children, playing, reading them stories, drawing and spreading a bit of Christmas spirit around the school. It was amazingly heart-warming to see these children light up with such joy and laughter while reacting so positively to us strangers. We were also extremely happy to receive such great feedback from the parents and the teachers at the centre which tells us that at least for that afternoon we really made a difference. As Clare Samways said “For many of our children this may be the first time they will have met Santa. This is why your TOY cap project will be so special for our children and our families, who are so often isolated from mainstream festive events.”

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