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Alexandra & Tobias


Donating Skiing clothes to Afghanistan - a TOY cap project

Alexandra & Tobias

There's nothing nicer than having something cozy and warm when it's chilly outside. That was what we had in mind with our latest TOY project. Initially, we planned to collect winter and skiing clothes among friends, to donate to an organization that has inspired us: Bamiyan Ski Club - Afghanistan’s first and only ski club that is supported by a Swiss journalist. We received wonderful reactions and a ton of winter clothing. We were planning on sending the boxes over in early Fall 2021, with help of the Bundeswehr. We all know what happened in Afghanistan over the last months, which put an end to our efforts. Most of the residents (especially the younger ones) left the region in a hurry. So, we started to look for an alternative placement. In the end we decided on an action on our doorstep: Swiss Winter Aid. They were blown away with the quantity and quality of donations. Although often not visible, many people depend on these kinds of donations, even in a wealthy country like Switzerland. We are delighted that they will come to good use. Sometimes you don’t need to go far, you can do a lot of good close to home. Thank you to everyone who donated to this cause.

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