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Beth & Steve Suter


Recognize what is happening in the sea and act

Beth & Steve Suter

"While Steve & I were in Baros, Maldives, we were saddened by the bleaching of the coral reefs. Baros is a small island with its own House Reef full with reef sharks, turtles and an array of fish. They have a marine biology center there so one day after diving we stayed and chatted with the team. They are doing incredible things to help the coral reefs survive and to replenish the reefs. So, in Yves’ honor, we contributed! We bought the metal frame, collected coral pieces that had broken off the house reef, cleaned and trimmed the coral pieces so they could „regrow“. Then finally we attached the pieces to the frame. The frame is placed in their coral garden off the front of the island which will eventually form a huge reef. Through the purchasing of the frame and our additional contribution, the team will regularly checks on the progress of the coral frames and exchanges any pieces that don’t seem to be growing before they can damage the other corals. The coral collection will protect and feed many animals.

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