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Dr. Deo and Dr. Assa


A healthy heart for children in Tanzania

Dr. Deo and Dr. Assa

As a TOY cap project Max and I support the training of medical professionals from Tanzania in Israel.

The success of the Tanzania program is built on over 10 years of collaboration with the JKCI in Dar es Salaam. This training includes various specialties of pediatric cardiac care, treatment of Tanzanian children, medical teaching missions and continued support of the local program with consumables and equipment.

Dr. Deo arrived in Israel last week with a group of 5 children from Tanzania to train in pediatric interventional cardiology with Dr. Assa by treating the heart defects of the Tanzanian children. In this way, Dr. Deo was able to perform more complex catheterizations and learn new techniques under the guidance, mentorship and support of Dr. Assa and his team while treating children from his home country. Dr. Assa and Dr. Deo and the team conducted catheterization procedures on 5 Tanzanian children successfully.

This project strengthen the skills and capabilities of Dr. Deo which he will take back with him to the JKCI to continue working with Dr. Mongella in the catheterization lab.

Thank you all for making miracles happen.
Love and TOY Monique

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