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Elisabeth Suter


"Run for Africa" on foot and on the Waveboard

Elisabeth Suter

50 pupils from the IBS Terra Nova took part in the "Run for Africa" around the Schübelweiher in Kuesnacht on a glorious day in June. Every school year the bilingual school, which has been based in Küsnacht for more than 20 years, offers its students a project time in which a specific topic is explored from kindergarten to 6th grade. This year it was Africa. The "Run for Africa" was a highlight of this project and more than 50 pupils took part in the fundraising event.

 The sponsorship run was not about competing against each other, but with each other. Every pupil, whether in kindergarten or sixth grade, gave his or her best and ran as many laps as possible around the Schübelweiher in a given time.

 For the pupils it was a great incentive to know that they can do good with their performance and help children in Africa. The money raised will go to education needs of children in Africa.

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