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Emilie Suter and Julian Sarasin


Help refugees to unwind and build a social network

Emilie Suter and Julian Sarasin

Julian started to work as an intern at the small refugee organisation Social Fabric in Zurich, Switzerland. Its goal is to sustainably integrate refugees from all over the world into Swiss society and simultaneously create a Fair Fashion Brand built up in part by the expertise and work of refugees. In Social Fabric, up to 350 refugees found a place to unwind, exchange stories, escape their often very bleak day to day life, learn German and build a social network. All of this was done in the form of a sewing course.

But then in March, tragedy struck. The COVID-19 crisis hit them very hard, as it let all of their income streams dry up. They had to close down Social Fabric for good and Julian, as so many other workers around the world, were laid off. But that did not stop them to help. Emilie and Julian knew that Social Fabric needed them more than ever before, and they decided to volunteer. For two months the whole organisation fought for its survival and the whole team was exhausted. However, Social Fabric had been saved and they could continue their very important mission

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