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Katharina Suter


The silent support of an introvert

Katharina Suter

Katharina, godmother to Yves, doesn't talk much about what she does in memory of Yves. But let me tell you. She is involved in so many TOY cap projects. She donates money to every fundraising call, collects toys and baby shoes, wedding dresses, glasses and much more to support TOY cap projects of others. Her succinct comments on these engagements would be: "But I am happy to do that.” “That goes without saying.” “A matter of honour.” “Welcome.” “Here you are.” Or “Here we go.” to say it in Max’ words. When" doing things that matter ", Katharina is physically on the road to help others. She surfs the Internet, drives anywhere to collect items, makes phone calls, organizes shipping and so much more. You hardly see her in action and yet, we couldn't do without her.

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