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Katharina Suter & Joana Lisiak


Old glasses to the poorest of the poor

Katharina Suter & Joana Lisiak

Would you, if you had so little money and had to decide whether to use it for something edible, schoolbooks for your child or a medicine for your sick mother, or would you instead buy a vision aid that cost several times your monthly income? Many of us don't have to make that decision, but why do so many old spectacle frames with corrective lenses lie in our own drawers? Because we believe that at some point we will want to put them on again or even inherit them? Hardly. Probably we secretly appreciate the value of glasses. As a wearer of glasses, you cannot and would not want to do without glasses for short or long. With this "TOY glasses project", Katharina and Joanna have meanwhile collected 11 times 88 pairs of glasses. A total of 968!!!!! With the distribution to third world countries organized by , the measured, cleaned glasses reach the poorest of the poor of this world.

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