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Laura & Otto Krul


Caring is what makes you human

Laura & Otto Krul

As soon as we saw the banner “Troc Social” (in English: Social Exchange) in our Geneva suburb, we immediately wanted to find out what it was all about! The Social Service Association in our suburb was looking for volunteers to take out on walks or simply have conversations with Geneva citizens living in isolation or who have mobility issues. There are surprising amount of people living in isolation looking for someone to talk to or even to just to get to the mailbox. Otto and I volunteered to take out on walks, on a weekly basis, Eleanor, a 93-year- old woman whom we have built a wonderful relationship with. Since last year we have each committed to spend 2-3 hours with her every week and very much enjoyed to discuss politics, travel, family, style and much more! We are so pleased to have contributed in some way to our community and hope to encourage our friends to do the same! Once our baby is a little bigger we hope to continue our walks with little Elsa, too!

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