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Laura & Simon Lussi-Hilber


Cleaning up our beloved canyon

Laura & Simon Lussi-Hilber

The story began last year after we were engaged: We were searching for a spot for our engagement photos and wanted it to be local. So up into the Küsnachter canyon we went and... at the most beautiful spot, everything was full of litter. Broken vodka bottles, beer cans, food plastic, cigarettes - you name it! So we took a bin bag, went and cleaned everything up.

This year we wanted to do it bigger: we asked the Gemeinde Küsnacht if they could help us. They provided us with the things to pick up trash more easily, 110L bin bags and free drop-off. For the whole afternoon we went to clean, and it feels so good!! The canyon is now clean of all the nasty things and we are one happy couple. Story to be continued.

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