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Laura Hilber


Putting a smile on the face of children battling a sickness

Laura Hilber

With so many sad things happening in the world, we tend to forget what happens to our own. Sternschnuppe is a Swiss Organisation that helps sick children in Switzerland fulfill a dream. It is also an organization very close to my heart as I, myself, was once able to benefit and make a wish. After spending so much time in hospital, I never thought it would be possible to run a marathon one day. All the training, all the tears, all the pain but also all the smiles, memories and experiences made it worth it – especially because I was running for a reason. I ran the Berlin Marathon for those who can’t. Every meter of the way, during the pain from my injuries from the training, there was never an option to give up. I didn’t want to let down the organization or the amazing people who donated to my cause. I wanted to show that running a marathon is possible, even after battling a severe condition. 10’000 CHF came together and when Sternschnuppe asked me what my wish is these days: To put back a smile on the face of the children battling a sickness. Thanks to all of you, I have achieved that.

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