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Lukas Amacher


Crowdfunding for a sound system to promote local farming

Lukas Amacher

Sounds like no big deal... but in Ethiopia, things work differently as Luki experienced when visiting Addis Ababa for a DJ gig. He met local musicians and a guy called Yaye. He studied both jazz drumming and civil engineering. Addis, a multi million people city, is largely made up of small units of maybe 100-200 people, basically thousands of tiny villages within the city. Poor, violent and not safe in most places. But not Yaye's "mini-city". Over the course of a couple of years he and his friends built a little farm. They started with using parts of the common areas to plant vegetables, organised a market on their main square to sell them, got some pigs, reselling them again, etc etc. growing slowly into an impressive operation creating both a purpose and additional resources for many of the "mini-city's" inhabitant. Yaye also writes songs and lyrics to teach children about ecology, health, self-empowerment and other subjects. He played concerts with his band, but the sound was weak, as they only had four small speakers. Through crowdfunding Luki raised enough funds to import a sound system that the band now can use to promote the idea of local farming. Not only this, but he raised funds for beehives, a small library and a computer for the "mini-city".

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