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Mara and Mike Zurbruegg


You could be in an entirely different place one year from now

Mara and Mike Zurbruegg

TOY has moved Mara and me to broaden our horizons of doing something good. We decided to support the Pastor Sieber Foundation over this winter. The Pfarrer Sieber Stiftung (PSS) is a charitable foundation based in Switzerland that supports individuals and families who are facing poverty, social exclusion, addiction, or other crises. The foundation was established in 1992 by Father Ernst Sieber, a Swiss priest who dedicated his life to serving those in need. The PSS provides a range of services to its beneficiaries, including emergency shelters, food banks, addiction treatment, job training, and counseling. It also operates a mobile unit that delivers aid and assistance to people living on the streets.The foundation's work is crucial because poverty and social exclusion can have devastating effects on individuals and families. They can lead to homelessness, hunger, illness, and even death. By providing immediate relief and long-term support, the PSS helps vulnerable people rebuild their lives and regain their dignity.Furthermore, the PSS is also important because it is committed to social justice and advocating for the rights of marginalized people. The foundation believes that everyone deserves equal opportunities and access to basic necessities, regardless of their background or circumstances. By supporting the PSS, individuals and organizations can contribute to creating a more just and compassionate society.

In the meantime, Mara and I have independently of each other cooked three evenings for the homeless people at the "Pfuusbus" just below the Albisgüetli. Our task involved preparing dinner for over 40+ people in. Although we both enjoy cooking, creating a menu for such a large group was a new challenge. However, our initial uncertainty quickly disappeared. After all, these people don't expect a five-course meal prepared by a top chef. They simply want a warm meal for CHF 5 to provide them with enough energy. If they register on time, they even get a place to sleep.The interesting, but also sad thing was to see the various unfortunate circumstances that brought these people to where they are. During our time there, we had the opportunity to talk to a few individuals ranging from schizophrenic monologues to intelligent and inspiring conversations. These were people who, like us, could have had successful and respectable careers, but a few wrong turns led them to their current situation. Nevertheless, this experience has grounded us and motivated us to continue our commitment - therefore thanks to TOY.

Thank you Mara and Mike to remind us that nothing is for granted.
Love and TOY Monique

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