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Maria & Nicolas Bernheim


Teaching children gratitude

Maria & Nicolas Bernheim

We stayed home for the holiday season. It was also the best occasion to complete our TOY cap project, with the help of friends and the TOY family we gathered over 100 toys, some of them new, to be given to Joëlle’s center here in Zurich for families in need. It was an incredible occasion to teach our girls about giving back and also about the meaning of all these holidays let it be Hannukah or Christmas and most definitely gaining meaning. We wanted to make sure that although we want to offer the best for our children, they remain grateful for what they have and what they are given. We also feel strongly that of course, all the parents around the world want to offer the best for their children, so hopefully our little contributions will help them put a smile on their children's faces, or provide the tools for a daycare to teach how to read. Furthermore, it meant realising for us and for our daughters that they are people less fortunate all around us and not an abstract idea of people on tv or on the news, a comment made by Max that stuck with us for a while.

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