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Maria Koller-Grau


Community Yoga for a good cause

Maria Koller-Grau

Starting back in November 2018 after finishing my yoga teacher education, I began teaching my own class in a yoga studio in Zurich. A dear friend of mine found her own business ( around the same time, creating a platform for fashion brands from Latin and South America with a social background. We both have a dear family member living and working at Stiftung zur Palme in Pfäffikon, which lead to the idea of offering community yoga classes for a good cause. All donations go to Stiftung zur Palme and are used for leisure activities and day trips. At the same time, the community classes help me to promote my yoga classes, while Animazul is able to create awareness for their platform. I believe that yoga is a place to recharge and let go in a judgment free zone and take great pleasure in teaching while supporting a good cause at the same time.

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