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Martina Huber


To tell a story, someone needs to be there to listen

Martina Huber

On Monday, May 23, we welcomed the teenagers from MNA-Zentrum Lilienberg for the first time. I dedicated this encounter to TOY; it resulted from a fruitful conversation with Monique and Max nearly one year ago. These teenagers came to Switzerland to seek asylum without their parents. Ishita and I did a special workshop for them. We showed them the exhibition, did a painting workshop with spices, and cooked together.

It was a beautiful experience; they liked it very much, that's why we will expand this collaboration for the following exhibitions to come. We were not allowed to take pictures together as some teenagers still don't know if they are allowed to stay in Switzerland.

The works in the show reflect the different aspects needed to speak up and stand-in for its own rights.
The workshop itself is a cartographic experience to weave the multicultural memories and create an unmade song by stimulating multiple senses.

After the workshop, we prepared a meal with the same spices shared amongst everyone.

It was a very enriching and intense encounter. These teenagers have so many stories to tell and are very open to such a different experience. Some of them have never gone to school before, and some don't speak very well German yet. There are many barriers, but the language of art that affects us on an emotional level can be understood all over the world.

I will always make time to listen.
Thank you so much Martina
Much love and TOY Monique

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