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Max Hoerning


A Summer of Love

Max Hoerning

This summer I’ve spent my Tuesdays as a volunteer at Mother’s Choice Child Care Home, a local organizations in Hong Kong serving over 40 children without families between 0 and 6 years old. The team at Mother’s Choice helps babies and kids rejoin their birth families or find families for adoption.

One of the kids I spent most of my time with was a six year old girl with special needs. She was expected to live only until the age of two but her immensely strong will helped her stay alive. It’s a miracle that she learned how to walk with assistance and although she cannot speak, her endless smile and firm hugs say more than a thousand words. The other kids kept calling me “gogo” (older brother in Cantonese) and my days with them were devoted to playground action, Little Mermaid puzzles, singing lessons, or simply cuddles. I will return next year to see how they’ve grown. By then, some will have found new loving families, and others will be joined by new little brothers and sisters with big needs and even bigger hearts.

Thank you Johannes, I am sure these children left footprints in your heart and the love you gave them will follow their paths forever.

Much love and TOY Monique

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