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Maxime Castric, Carla Chan & Mike Imam


Little Warriors Fun Day

Maxime Castric, Carla Chan & Mike Imam

Our (Carla, Maxime and Mike) TOY cap project in 2019 was about spending time with kids in Jakarta, Indonesia that are either cancer survivors or still battling with cancer – mostly, having suffered or suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Hemophilia. The idea was inspired by Maxime’s local friend Roland who has been supporting a local organization Yayasan amaryllis kirana (literally translated: organization that supports kids who deal with cancer) already for some time and organized similar events in the past and together with another local friend of his, Bombi, was instrumental in preparing for the Fun Day. On Sunday 8th December, we (Carla, Maxime, Dian and Jayden – Mike’s wife and son, Mike, Ronald, Bombi, Septa – Bombi’s girlfriend, and Shauket – Mike’s dad) equipped with goodie bags, an enormous birthday cake for the kids celebrating birthday, and food for everyone arrived around 10 o’clock at the Yayasan’s house in West-Jakarta where we were greeted by the smiles of over 40 kids, their parents and 3 clowns (that Roland had organized). The next four hours went by in a whizz with lots of hugging, laughing, clown activities and picture taking. The absolute highlight was certainly when the kids started painting on a 5-meter canvas we had brought along under the encouragement and guidance of “sister” Carla and “grandy” Shauket. And, the sparkle in the eyes of the kids in the hospital that could not participate at the Fun Day when we delivered them their goodie bags. A day that we all thoroughly enjoyed, an unforgettable day that we all carry with us, a day that we love to share with the TOY family.

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