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Nadia and Timo Kaabi-Linke


Converting a studio space into a playground

Nadia and Timo Kaabi-Linke

When the first people fled Ukraine, my husband and I felt the urge to do something. A few options were on the table, and as things evolved, it showed that a kindergarten, a place for children from Ukraine, would be the right thing to start. So we renovated our studio and converted it into a cozy kindergarten. Friends supported the idea and donated money, books and toys. We organized everything with the mothers of the children, and now, we started with a group of seven of different ages. The children are inspiring. Although they carry a heavy burden of dramatic memory that sometimes echoes in their faces, they don't lose the creative freedom of a child's soul.

Their smiles give us all the strength to go through the tragedy.

Thank you Nadia and Timo for setting in motion such a meaningful TOY cap project in these difficult times

Love and TOY Monique

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