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Noraya, Deborah, Gioele, Piero, Aita and Tobi


You are loved more than you know

Noraya, Deborah, Gioele, Piero, Aita and Tobi

Noraya, Deborah, Gioele, Piero, Aita and Tobi baked cookies for Circus Conelli and those who receive less attention in life. So that the latter don't always get the leftovers first, they distributed TOY biscuit bags at the end of November to wish everyone a nice start to the Advent season. They chose two organizations. One is the "Strassenmagazin Surprise", which has been supporting socially disadvantaged people in Switzerland since 1998 and offers them an opportunity to earn money by selling magazines, thus opening up prospects. They went to the "Surprise" sellers, who sold their magazine in the cold, and gave them the bags. Piero (2 years old) chose the "Atelier Primero" by Incontro, which is a place of encounter and advice for lonely people and the homeless. There is free coffee and dinner every day. Already in the apartment, Deborah had to stop Piero from eating the biscuits himself. There was a lot of activity in the studio, both inside and in front of the restaurant. When Deborah explained to her toddler that he could now distribute the biscuit bags to the guests, he first examined them and then carefully handed a small bag to one of the men. This person was so delighted that he asked in disbelief, "For me, really?" His eyes were shining. Piero beamed back and then was ready to hand out the remaining bags as well. It was touching to see that Piero found out that his "gift" can give him so much more pleasure than if he had eaten the biscuits himself. The men outside waved after him and he kept turning and waving back with a smile.

Thank you all for spreading love
Love and TOY Monique

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