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Otto Krul


As I am hopeless at singing, I offer time and sport activities

Otto Krul

I decided this year to work as volunteer for AGIS association ( One day a month, I am spending my Saturday with mentally and physically handicapped people. I have always wanted to give some of my time to those who did not have the same chances in life as us. AGIS association offers many activities to these wonderful people. It goes from karaoke to watching movies to drawing, to sport activities, etc. As I am not a very good singer nor a good drawer, I decided to go for the sport activities. We often go for long walks where we talk about everything really. In the beginning, most of the participants were shy towards me, which is absolutely normal but after a few visits they started opening up to me. Talking about they daily lives. It was an absolute joy seeing them again and seeing "smiles" on their faces at the end of the day.

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