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Philipp Wille


The earth will outlast each and every one of us

Philipp Wille

We are a mere snapshot in time on it. This is fine, as long as we accept this and use our time wisely. "Switzerland is a country of farmers and famous for its beautiful nature so I wanted to do something in this area. Through a little bit of research I found a project called „Einsatz auf dem Bauernhof“ organized by WWF. The mission of the project is to support farmers in their daily work and to understand the importance of sustainable agriculture. It is usually a group of 6 to 8 people who - on a voluntary basis - meet 4 times a year at different farmhouses to dedicate their time in the name of nature (funny enough I‘m the only Swiss person in the group...). My first service was at the Grüthof in Wildensbach where Beatrice and Jorge live with their two daughters. Our task for the day was to harvest and remove the so called neophytes because they endanger the biodiversity with their invasive nature. A tiring but satisfying job where you can see an immediate result. Plus it feels good to do some „real work“ from time to time😉 In a nutshell a great experience with interesting people for a good cause wearing my TOY cap.

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