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Tobias Kappeler


Riding to make music dreams come true

Tobias Kappeler

I visited "Bridges for Music" for the first time last April in Langa Township in Cape Town, South Africa. It is an institution founded 10 years ago by a group of music aficionados from Spain and the UK who wanted to make a difference. They were amazed by the local talent and had the vision of providing them a safe and professional environment to learn about music. What impressed me the most was the "success rate" of alumnis who got a foothold in the music industry, following the 6 months education and return to the academy to give back. Hence, Bridges for Music (BfM) is an institution that might become self-sustaining one day.

Every year, as part of the international electronic music conference taking place in Amsterdam (ADE), BfM organizes a 4-day fundraising cycle from a city in Europe to Amsterdam as part of the start of ADE. This year, it was 550km from London to Amsterdam, raising money for the school extension to build an afterschool program for the kids, where they learn about music, meditation, self-awareness etc. and to get them off the street.

Even though the ride sometimes got tough (like 150km from Bruges to Rotterdam with full-on headwind), I enjoyed it a lot since it combined a few of my passions like nature, cycling, new bunch of wonderful and inspirational people (50 riders) and having the opportunity to do something that matters. I got asked about the TOY cap many times, shared the story which people touched and maybe some of them got motivated to continue 'doing something that matters' in their own world.

A big thank you to everyone who supported me on this ride, either financially or by just engaging and showing interest. You all helped me to make a difference for the kids in Langa Township!

Thank you Tobi. Your spirit is contagious.
Love and TOY Monique

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