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Tobias Kappeler and Constantin Schenker


A life changing experience

Tobias Kappeler and Constantin Schenker

As part of an exploration trip through Nepal, Constantin and Tobias spent one week at the little village Ratmate in the Bagmati Province. During this time, we supported the local community in several activities such as new house construction and farming. Since the disastrous earthquake in 2015, many people still live in corrugated metal houses in poor conditions. Especially tough during the hot summer months and monsoon season. The new houses also come with a sophisticated, self-sufficient biogas system which gives them access to new cooking capabilities. To support the local education system, we donated school material for one hundred kids for one year and got the opportunity to spend a morning with two school classes of kids between the age of 9 and 13. We talked with them about their dreams, played games, sang songs and even taught them some German. It was a unique experience and a privilege to have had this opportunity. There are many things we could learn along the way and that will influence our future lives.

The week at the village was organized by the Swiss organization "Shambav Nepal". If you are interested to support one of their projects, you'll find more information on their website ( And in case you are looking for cool Christmas presents, they import amazing products, from herbs to high quality Cashmere clothing. Have a look!

Thank you Tobi and Constantin for making a change in memory of Yves
Much love MamaTOY

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