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Yvonne Wigger and Hans Kaufmann


Handmade soap bars for disinfection

Yvonne Wigger and Hans Kaufmann

"Hans and I have spent a lot of time together during the Corona Lockdown. We got more creative by the week and tried to make ourselves useful in this difficult time. We had the idea to make our own soaps and distribute them at a street café or at an emergency shelter in Zurich in district 4.

On various hikes and in our parents gardens we collected different herbs and petals and let them dry for 5-10 days afterwards. The soap chaos in the kitchen did not discourage us to finish the bars. All in all we managed to produce 60 of them. We wrapped and labeled them with the words Thinking of you - natural soap for clean hands.

We donated them to the social work of Pastor Sieber, because this foundation is mainly supporting people in the milieu / district 4 in Zurich. Unfortunately, due to the Corona rules, we were only allowed to hand over the soaps to the foundation.The project is to be continued in autumn and we hope that by then we can distribute them personally to the people in need and spend time with them."

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