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Life is about the people you meet, the people you lose and what you create in their memory.


Beyond Grief. How a mother and father chose to celebrate their son’s life, rather than to avoid the painful circumstance of their son’s death. Max and Monique began TOY, an organisation to gather those who have lost loved ones, to honor their memory, appreciate their time together, and celebrate their lives.

“The end is also the beginning”.

In March 2011, a few days after his 23rd birthday and a few weeks before graduating from university, Yves passed away. We had to face death. We had to look at the finality of our own lives and deal with the unbearable pain of losing a son, stepson, grandson, godson, uncle, friend and an altogether beautiful human being.

In memory of Yves and to keep his memory alive we created TOY “Thinking Of Yves”. With the TOY cap projects, we encourage friends to dedicate one day each year to do things that matter in Yves’ name. Through helping others, TOY is being transformed from “Thinking of Yves” to “Thinking Of You”. Our hope is that the TOY community can contribute to the discussion of death and the ways to honor and homage the lives of people who have passed. We invite anyone seeking comfort to connect around “Thinking Of You” to help them remember all those who have moved on.

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