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2015 TOY Award Winners 


TOY Keeping You Warm in NYC & BEYOND

TOY keeping you warm. Collecting warm coats for homeless people in New York. Exchanging labels with the “TOY keeping you warm label”.

Claudio Koller & Maria Grau

Internship with Consequences in Columbia

After Claudio’s internship at Albergue Infantil Mama Yolanda in Bogotá, he keeps in touch with the institution and organized a fundraiser on Facebook.

Aita Sulser & Deborah Kappeler

The Unexpected Gratitude

Aita and Deborah didn’t know each other before TOY. They started doing things that matter independently like donating blood, making cookies, taking care of children etc. But then they started to motivate others and organize events for other TOY friends to participate. These awards are for their contagious attitudes: “do little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.”

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