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Berenice Olmedo
Kunsthalle Basel 2022

In her largest solo exhibition in Europe to date, the Mexican artist presented a series of sculptures, which were created in collaboration with the archive of a rehabilitation clinic for amputees and focused on a social issue of great topicality. Using materials from the realm of prosthetics and robotics, Olmedo created works that foregrounded the political dimensions of disability, illness, and care and questioned common conceptions of health, ability, normality, and otherness. The artist succeeded in creating an ambitious and visually challenging project that evoked great interest and a lively response from the exhibition's audience. In particular, I believe the audience responded so strongly to the question of care in our moment of uncertainty that was the motor of the project and which linked it so beautifully with the mission you have with TOY.


We are extremely grateful to have had your support on this project, and to have been able to share the spirit of TOY with a wider public. Personally, I greatly appreciate your trust in my work and engagement with Kunsthalle Basel.


Elena Filipovic

Director Kunsthalle Basel

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