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Lu Yang at Kunsthalle Basel 2023

On behalf of Kunsthalle Basel and the Basler Kunstverein, I want to thank you warmly for your support of the exhibition LuYang Vibratory Field by LuYang, which took place from January 20 to May 21, 2023.

We are proud to have realized, in part thanks to your trust and involvement, the first exhibition of LuYang in Switzerland and his largest to date.

LuYang captivated visitors with his psychedelic videos, installations, and computer games which carried within them the artist’s research into the cultures of anime, Buddhism, digital 

technology, gaming, neuroscience, and sci-fi. The result was a show that opened discussions on themes of such magnitude as the balance between life and death, reincarnation, or even what comes after global destruction. The exhibition enjoyed great attention and was attended by over 14,000 visitors.

To get a comprehensive overview of what your support helped make possible, we enclose the final report with installation views, and a description of the events and art education 

program. A selection of press clippings illustrates the positive responses towards this exhibition by the national and international press.


We are extremely grateful to have received your support on this project, and we greatly appreciate your continuing trust in and engagement with Kunsthalle Basel.


Elena Filipovic 

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