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NXTHVN, 2022

Catch up with Titus Kaphar and Jason Price  Welcoming the new TOY fellows 

Installation by

Hank Willis Thomas and Ryan Alexiev

"the truth is I am you"

This participatory installation invites the audience to complete the prompt “the truth is…” on large balloons that float throughout the gallery space. The personal truths written on the balloons will become part of the collective experience of the exhibition, with messages added throughout the life of the installation. 

As a compliment to the balloon installation, a video of “truth is…’’ messages gathered from the public by The Truth Booth—a touring, inflatable booth developed by The CAUSE COLLECTIVE that traveled around the world—is on view. A vibrant speech bubble bench titled, Josephine and Kazumi (Real Red), is installed at NXTHVN’s facade, inviting visitors to rest, contemplate and reflect.  

The exhibition is organized by Kalia Brooks, NXTHVN’s director of programs and exhibitions.

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